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New hope at Historic Parsells Church

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) - Rev. Dr. Carol Garrett was named the first female Pastor at The Historic Parsells Church on May 20.

Pastor Garrett discussed her installation and her vision for the congregation Tuesday during News 8 at Sunrise.

"What it means to us now is that it's definitely historic," said Pastor Garrett. "It ties into the name, The Historic Parsells Church. Had someone ever asked me, 'would I be sitting here today?' No. I would have definitely said no. It's going to give us the opportunity to do things differently, redesign the structure of our church, and redefine who we are as a Body of Christ in that community."

The Historic Parsells Church has served the community for over 100 years. "We're definitely going to stay in the community and work with the community," Pastor Garrett affirmed. "The relevance of the gospel has to relate to the people in their neighborhood. Even going to seminary, I can talk seminary but I can't preach seminary. The gospel has to be relevant to the people in that neighborhood to identify with their plight."

Pastor Garrett's installation took place at the Covenant United Methodist Church instead of The Historic Parsells Church because of a boiler break that forced the congregation away in February of 2016. "Covenant United Methodist Pastor Ann had been wonderful in allowing us to worship there and to use their building, and we will continue to do that," said Pastor Garrett, who added the goal is to get back into The Historic Parsells Church.

She revealed, "Coming up in June, I have a new perspective that I'm going to do, maybe once or twice a month, at The Historic Parsells Church on Parsells Avenue. It's called 'Sermon on the Steps.' At least one Sunday a month, starting in June, that's where we will be. I'm going to preach the gospel on the steps of the Historic Parsells Church."

Pastor Garrett added, "We want to reach the community; those that are there, and even extend it to individuals outside of the community. I think it's so important to focus on that community, but when we look at Rochester as a whole, to be able to reach all boundaries of faith and all demographics of individuals-- just go out and reach everybody!"

To learn more about Pastor Garrett and The Historic Parsells Church, click here.


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