A new giraffe has arrived at the Seneca Park Zoo.

One-year-old Iggy, a female from the Virginia Zoo, is the second giraffe at Seneca Park Zoo, as the zoo works to open its new Savanna exhibit next month.

Iggy joins another one-year-old giraffe, Kipenzi, two zebras, and two ostriches who are part of the new expansion.

The public can’t yet see the new animals, the county says, as the zoo gives the giraffes and others time to “get acclimated to their new surroundings.” The Savanna exhibit will open to the public on September 13, 2018.

“Another day marks yet another exciting addition to the Seneca Park Zoo family through our new Animals of the Savanna expansion,” said County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo in a statement. “Iggy’s arrival means we are one step closer to putting the finishing touches on our expansion project, which has supported 200 local jobs through the construction phase and will help foster stronger families here for years to come. Please join us for our Animals of the Savanna grand opening celebration on September 13.”