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New FDA regulations impacting sales of e-cig and vape products

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New rules in effect this week could have an impact on small business, and the health and safety of kids and teens.

From now on, e-cigarettes, along with vape and hookah products will be regulated just like regular cigarettes.

The regulations are not only prohibiting the sales of these products to minors, but making it tough for vape shops to inform potential customers of what they’re buying.

19-year-old Sebastian Knapp, a vaper, said, “they really can’t even help you out anymore. They can basically just explain what it does, they can’t really compare and contrast like they used to be able to do. So it definitely makes it more difficult for the buyer.”

One local vape shop posted signs saying their staff could not longer assemble equipment, discuss health questions, or compare products.

Knapp says the regulations in effect this week won’t impact any of his vaping habits, because he’s familiar with the products, but new vape and e-cig users looking to buy in stores will most certainly be out of the loop.

“You have to do all your own research ahead of time, so…it’s definitely another step in the process. You can’t just come in here anymore and ask for help,” said Knapp.

New York State previously had a ban on e-cig and vape products being sold to minors, but the FDA is now warning retailers who are caught selling to people under 18. If they violate this regulation more than once, they’re subject to fines.

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