New clinical trial at RRH to prevent heart failure

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ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) More than five million people in the country have heart failure. The disease impacts thousands right here in the greater Rochester area. A new medical device is currently clinically tested at a local hospital that could be life-saving.

Logan Goldinger suffers from cardiac congestive heart failure. The disease led to him have heart bypass surgery this year.

“We notice that there is a lot of pressure built up, and easy solution to fix it would be to give this valve a trial,” said Goldinger.

The valve he’s referring to is called a v-wave shunt. It’s the central focus of a new clinical trial at Rochester Regional Health. Its purpose is to regulate one of the four chambers of the heart. When it’s enlarged, a person’s heart cannot pump enough blood to the body.

“This device can serve as a pressure valve, so when the pressures get really high due to heart failure because the heart is not pumping well, it’s a little outlet valve that lets excess blood out to the right side and unloads the ventricle,” said Dr. Scott Feitell, Director of Heart Failure at Rochester Regional Health.

The device is still in the clinical trial phase, and the FDA has not yet approved it. However, that’s not stopping Goldinger to try it out. He’s the first person in the Northeast to participate.

“This is a revolutionary clinical trial. The opportunity to potentially use the device that could allow people to have an improvement in their quality of life is really exciting to us,” Dr. Jeremiah Depta, Advanced Valvular Heart Disease Program at RRH.

“Have I noticed any difference? It’s a little bit better, only time will tell,” said Goldinger.

The doctors said Goldinger woke up feeling very well after the procedure.
The trial takes a while to get the final results. If the outcome is positive, oftentimes sites that are a part of the test get first dibs on having the technology.

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