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New book aims to ease school anxiety

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A new book aims to help children and parents navigate back to school anxiety while supporting the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

New York Regional Office Executive Director Ed Suk and local author Kristin Auchter discussed the book “Lexie and Little Mouse Go To School” and its intent Wednesday morning during News 8 at Sunrise.

“This book was actually born about twenty years ago,” said Auchter. “When my daughter was young, she had a lot of anxiety about going to school and she also had a lot of impatience. When we were waiting to go somewhere she’d say, mommy tell me a story. I started to tell her stories and they were all about her. It was the “\’Lexie’ character; her name is Alexa, but we changed it to Lexie. Then I actually decided after a while that I wanted to reassure her to go to school, and then later I wanted to make it a legacy for her. That’s when I actually decided I was going to publish the book. I had my own anxiety about her going to school, because I had gotten on the wrong bus coming home from school at Kindergarten. I was convinced that the bus driver was going to take off with all the kids, so much so that I didn’t tell my mother about it until I was nineteen.”

Auchter explained how the book’s main character Lexie overcomes her anxiety. “You know how kids have security blankets? Well, Lexie had Little Mouse. Mom tells her to take Little Mouse with her. You know, it’ll be fun, but take Little Mouse with you. Then Little Mouse comes to life on the bus and starts talking her through it. When she gets to school, Little Mouse is in the cubby. When she gets upset at one part during the day, Little Mouse comes out of the cubby and talks to her. By the end of the day, Lexie’s saying, you know what? I can do this myself, and then she puts Little Mouse back.”

Sale proceeds from “Lexie and Little Mouse Go To School” will go directly to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.” Suk said the book can provide reassurance and the path to other conversations for parents and children. “Back to school is always a challenging time, whether they’re little kids going to Head Start programs, or Kindergarten, or even first and second grade. To have those open conversations with kids about safety issues, and things that we can provide to them to help ease that anxiety is so important. The book is an amazing tool to be able to sit down, get that conversation going with your children and talk about some of those safety issues to ease some of the anxiety, and really empower kids to be more comfortable when they’re going to that first day.”

To get your copy of “Lexie and Little Mouse Go To School” click here.

For more information about the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, click here.


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