ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Members of one Rochester neighborhood are asking for something to be done after a triple shooting at a nearby strip club. 

That group in the Neighborhood of the Arts says something needs to be done about The Barrel Adult Entertainment Club in Rochester. 

There have been multiple times customers in and outside this business plus those who live next door are caught up in shootings, assaults, drunk driving, and other crimes. Pushing homeowners to once again call in the city for action.  

After trading numerous emails with the Southeast Neighborhood Service Center, the staff and members of the Neighborhood of the Arts met up with them calling for the Barrel Club to be closed down and relocated if abatement policies are not enforced. 

“At this point, it’s cost many victims of violent crime,” neighbor James McLaughlin said. “Hopefully at this point, we get a resolution.”  

“For various listed violations points get assigned to a business and if you accumulate a certain number of points over a certain period of time the business is subject to closure,” David Halbstein of the neighborhood added.  

The group says since 2018 the Barrel has experienced three shooting incidents, two DUI accidents, two robberies in the parking lot, and a stabbing.  

“Whatever happens at that place I really don’t care as long as you do it with the doors closed,” Halbstein explained not wanting the business to be gone for good. “And at closing your people get in their cars and drive away quietly.”  

After previous meetings, the owner of the Barrel agreed to increase security out in the parking lot, and notify the neighborhood service center anytime police are called for an incident. But locals state little progress has been shown.  

“The NSC has promised us an upkeep on some of the things that have been laid out in the past and we’ll see if that truly is something that happens,” McLaughlin reflected. “They’re going to be speaking with the business, however, I know that’s been done in the past and obviously fruitless as we’re here again.” 

In a statement, the City of Rochester explained they’re working collaboratively with the neighborhood to address recent incidents of gun violence around a local business which anyone in the city can do if they see crime plaguing their community.  

News 8 reached out to the owner of the business for comment but he was unavailable at the property and has not responded to email requests.