Celebrities are opening up about their mental health hoping it diminishes the stigma for everyone.

It was spurred by essays from two NBA stars: Kevin Love and DeMar DeRozan who both discussed anxiety.

Mental health experts say there are many misconceptions about anxiety and people who struggle with it. Some might not realized anxiety attacks are uncontrollable.

Demire Coffin-Williams, a clinician with Rochester Regional Health, says you can’t just get over it, it’s a matter of getting through it.

A lot time’s people suffering from the disorder bottle it up, which can be the scary part.

“Bottling that up, not talking about your experiences can lead to further isolation and can trick you into thinking that you’re the only one who has this experience,” said Coffin-Williams. “There is healing in finding someone who has experiences similar to yours.”

The vice president with the Mental Health Association says anxiety disorders are not to be confused with a little bit of stress. Anxiety disorder affects daily functioning.

“For some people they’re feeling physically sick, it’s a pit in their stomach, they start to shake, their brain gets foggy they can’t think well,” said Carol Carlson.

These symptoms can lead to panic attacks, some lasting for at least ten minutes. 

“You can have a mental concern, truly focus on mental health and not just the illness and still reach for the life that you want,” said Coffin-Williams.

What’s most important to note: Every person is different.

If you, or someone you know, is dealing with a mental health issue, make sure you talk to your doctor. There are a lot of resources in our community including a recovery program with Rochester Regional Health called PROS, which stands for Personalized Recovery Oriented Services.

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