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The Nazareth College Theatre and Dance Department will present “Company” October 13-22 on stage at the Nazareth College Arts Center.

Nazareth seniors Justin Smith, who will portray Bobby, and Abby Prem, who will portray Jenny, discussed the production Thursday during News 8 at Noon.

“It follows Bobby, my character, through his decision of whether or not to be married, and it’s a concept musical, so it’s not necessarily told in a specific set of time,” said Smith. “The musical numbers don’t necessarily advance the plot. They more so comment on it, but they can also advance the plot. So, that’s different from what a usual musical is. So, this one is little snapshots of his experiences with all of his married friends and his three girlfriends at the time, or at the time in which they happen. So, it’s just following his decision of whether or not to be married based off of his views of what his friends are all doing and what they’re experiencing.”

Prem explained how her character Jenny and Bobby are connected. “Jenny is one of Bobby’s friends. We actually had a lot of fun creating back stories for all of the characters. So, Jenny knows Bobby in a way that no one in the audience is going to really know, but it was a great way for us to come up with our relationship for each other and how we all relate to each other in the cast. But I think you’ll get to see in the show that we’re very good friends and we care for each other a lot.”

The entire cast is working with New York City based director and choreographer Trey Compton, a veteran numerous off-Broadway productions. “We got to work with Trey for a little bit last year,” said Prem. “We did a page to stage show with him, but we only got to work with him for five days. So, hearing that he was coming back for ‘Company,’ which we were all so excited because it was great to work with him for just a week last year. His creative mind and his way about going through the process is so deep and so, just really emotionally captivating, and I think it’s really great to get to work with someone from New York because you get the educational side of it, the professional side of it. You get to see things from all different aspects of the theatrical production. I think it’s a really great opportunity.”

Smith added, “It’s so much fun because with Bobby, it’s such a big character, and it’s such a huge part of the show because you never leave stage essentially as Bobby, and so it becomes a very director and actor heavy show, where you have to have a good relationship, where you have to communicate all of the time, and so it’s great to build a personal and professional connection with somebody that you’re working with that’s outside of here because then you leave and you have another connection that you can contact or reach out to in New York to help you get your foot in the door and get started, and going farther in what you want to do.”

To learn more about performance times and to get your tickets for “Company,” call (585) 389-2170 or click here.

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