ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Nazareth College President Daan Braveman said in a statement Thursday that the college is investigating alleged offensive behavior.

He said that one or two students are alleged to have posted a video that is ‘considered very offensive,’ and called the behavior ‘at best insensitive and especially troubling.’

The statement is in reaction to a video spreading online that shows at least one person in blackface.

The statement reads:

“Dear Students, Faculty and Staff;

Over the past two weeks, the Nazareth community has come together in so many remarkable and impressive ways.  It is, thus, with great sadness and a feeling of anger that I am forced to report that we have an allegation that one or two students posted a video that was considered very offensive. Whatever the intent, there is nothing humorous about the behavior. 

At this time, when so many are living in fear and crisis, the behavior is at best insensitive and especially troubling. We take this allegation very seriously. The Code of Conduct continues to apply to all students and we will investigate this matter further, taking appropriate action if necessary.

At these difficult times, let us all continue to move forward as a community, caring for and supporting each other.  Please stay healthy and safe.

Daan Braveman

President, Nazareth College”

This is a developing story, News 8 will provide updates as they become available.