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Mothers protest outside of Wilson Dental for shaming a breastfeeding mother

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Don’t get between a mother and her young; it seems that lesson has become more clear to those at Wilson Dental, on E. Ridge Road.

The office shut its doors to avoid a group of angry mothers protesting. It didn’t work. They just came back when the doors reopened.

The reason for the protest: Tiffany Elliott says she was told by Dr. Robin Craig, a dentist at Wilson Dental, that Elliott breastfeeding her baby made her, the dentist, uncomfortable and the she needed to stop.

“I feel very passionately that they have handled this the wrong way, and that it perpetuates myths about breastfeeding and it speaks to our culture that a medical profession is uncomfortable with breastfeeding  when it’s what’s healthiest for the child,” said Samantha Piper, a mother who came to the office to protest. 

“I think she deserves an apology and we want the community to know that it’s difficult to be a breastfeeding mom and we need more support and that’s why more people don’t breastfeed, because people like dentists tell moms to stop, instead of saying ‘thank you for making our community healthier,'” said Claire Labrosa, who came to protest, and breastfed her infant outside the office door. 

Tiffany Elliott, the mom who this happened to, said she was shocked by the initial incident, and underwhelmed by the office’s response.

Piper said, “I’d like the dentist to be held responsible she broke the law and that’s been overshadowed by the owner defending her.”

It is completely legal in all fifty states for a mother to breastfeed in public. There are also federal labor laws protecting a woman’s rights when it comes to breastfeeding at work. 

Wilson Dental declined to comment on the protest. 

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