Mother arrested for allegedly abandoning her two toddlers

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Mori Prout says he left his apartment on Ridgeway Ave to grab something from the corner store when he noticed a little girl behind him.

“The temperature was dropping below zero no diaper no socks no shoes, just out on the sidewalk following behind me yelling out mommy,” said Prout. 

Prout says he walked the toddler back inside her apartment, waiting for an answer from the girl’s mother, which never came. With kids of his own, he says he couldn’t leave her alone, so he went inside the apartment to make sure everything was ok. It wasn’t.

“I found another little kid balled up under the covers with her hand inside a box of cereal,” said Prout. Prout called police, who eventually arrested the two children’s mother, sSharisa Vasquez. What they don’t know, just how long the kids were there, but by the looks of it, cleaning crews say it must have been awhile. 

“It was one of the saddest things I’ve seen, the diapers with feces and the fingerprints and the chocolate and the syrup and to see how they were starving over the days they were here was really detrimental,” said Jonathan McFadden, a property preserver, tasked with cleaning out the house.

“You can visualize them eating the chocolate powder and in the kitchen on the floor you can see finger prints in the ketchup as if they were playing in it on the floor and you could see where the child was tired of having the diaper on and it was just flung off,” said McFadden. 

McFadden says the house paints a terrifying picture of what the two young girls endured, and was the worst he’s ever seen. 

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