Wednesday, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office welcomed its newest member, K-9 Doyle, into the K-9 unit at the Jail Bureau.

Doyle is the first K-9 to serve the Monroe County Jail.

Deputy Robert Vetere, an eight-year veteran of the Sheriff’s office, was selected in October to act as Doyle’s handler.

“The addition of K-9 Doyle to our K-9 family has already proven to be an effective tool in finding illegal drugs inside our jails and keep them from entering our facilities,” said Sheriff Todd K. Baxter. The sheriff says his alerts led to an arrest after only nine days on the job.

“He’s already had five arrests. He’s only been on the job a little over a month now,” said Deputy Vetere.

K-9 Doyle is responsible for searching for contraband and detecting narcotics along the perimeters and inside areas of Monroe County Jail and the Monroe Correctional Facility. With his enhanced sense of smell, he is able to detect what machines and people miss. The use of Doyle is much less intrusive than a pat search or use of a body scan machine.

“Five people came into Monroe county jail, a secure facility, and tried to introduce contraband into the jail,” says Sheriff Baxter. He adds, despite all the warning signs when entering the facility, people still take the risk and that goes to show how desperate people are to introduce contraband into the jail.

With the efforts of K-9 Doyle, the jail will be able to prevent incarcerated individuals from experiencing an overdose while in jail. Security is said to have improved since Doyle began active duty.

K-9 Doyle and his handler, Deputy Vetere, are a vital new addition to the Jail Bureau in Monroe County. They have become well acclimated to each other and are continuing their development and training to keep illegal drugs out of the Jail Bureau.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office hopes to make the statement to the community that if drugs enter the facility, they will be found. “We’re very excited about this for the safety and security of the staff and the inmates also,” concludes Sheriff Baxter.