Monroe County Highway Superintendents have warnings on icy road conditions forming

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MONROE COUNTY, NY (WROC) — As those cold fronts move in and combine with this rainfall we’re getting, road maintenance is a top priority for municipal highway departments throughout the remainder of the weekend. 

As the weekend goes on all the rain we’ve got has transitioned to snow and is coming down at a pretty steady pace. But as the night goes on, patches of black ice could begin to form only to have snow cover it up. So, plow trucks all over Monroe County are ready to roll out.  

Since before New Year’s weekend Public Works crews for the town Ogden have been monitoring the forecast closely to see when conditions call for salt trucks to be sent out. 

“We’re checking roads quite often and making sure the bridges don’t freeze,” Ogden Public Works Commissioner Dan Wolf said. “Or the roads freeze and we have crews ready to come in and have to get out the salt. Particularly every hour we’re checking the roads and stuff.”  

If you must go out snowplow and salt truck drivers caution people to keep their distance away from them on the road while going at least 10 miles under the speed limit in icy conditions to avoid crashes. 

“Don’t tailgate us because usually, we’ll turn around when we get to large areas,” Wolf added. “Give us a couple of seconds to turn around proceed after we go back. We’re going to get you home safe if you just use caution when you’re driving on the roads. Especially if it turns to the ice tonight.”  

In the town of Ogden, seven trucks are on standby. Each of them is fully stocked with 18 tons of treated salt material. Something public works crews have been working non-stop to prepare for since Thursday.  

“If it drops down another three degrees then we’ll send guys out to do pre-salt to salt all our main roads and state roads, county roads, town roads,” Wolf explained. “Trucks are all set and we can call seven drivers in right away and we can get right out 20 minutes after a phone call.”  

Whatever the weather brings, some people are looking to the bright side to enjoy the winter weather and avoid going somewhere.  

“I’m off tomorrow from work so I am going to get the trike out,” Brendan Scheg of Monroe County said. “Get the sled on the back and hopefully we get enough snow so I can do some drifting and whatnot.” 

Authorities advise if you do have to travel and slide off the road it’s best you stay in your vehicle and call for help. Do not exit unless it’s an emergency or you risk slipping on the road and putting yourself in more danger. 

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