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Monroe County has the third highest number of D.W.I. arrests in the state

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Monroe County has the third highest number of D.W.I. arrests in the state, according to a recent report from STOP DWI. State police made more than 300 arrests last year, down 32 percent from the year before. While Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies made more than 400, which is up six percent.

Drive sober, or get pulled over: It’s a phrase many have heard, but not one that all abide by, especially as the temperatures rise, so do D.W.I.’s. 

“We haven’t hit the ‘100 deadly days of summer,’ graduations haven’t happened, Labor Day, concerts, Fourth of July,” said N.Y.S.P. trooper Mark O’Donnell.

After a D.W.I. arrest, the case makes its way through the court system, and if you’re arrested in Monroe County, D.A. Sandra Doorley says her office is not messing around. 

“It’s something that is so preventable yet people continue to do it so at the office we need to take a stance and say this is unacceptable and if you do it there’s going to be consequences,” said Doorley.

The Monroe County D.A.’s office says their conviction rate is so high, in part because they limit plea bargains, instead, prosecuting offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

Monroe County has a 67.34 percent conviction rate. It’s currently 7th in the state overall, an improvement from just a few years ago, when it was 14th. 

“It means we’re getting pleas to the top counts of DWI. We are leading in upstate counties of our size and we are seventh overall in the state which is pretty impressive,” said Doorley.

The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office says that only under rare circumstances will they offer plea bargains, and usually to first-time offenders who were not in a crash.

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