ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Cleaning up the leaves in your yard may not be the first thing on your fun, fall to-do list, but if you’re wondering when leaf pick up starts in your area, and looking for best practice tips for clean-up here are some tips for doing so.

When it comes to leaf pick up some towns have already begun their clean-up process while others have not. Plus, a lot of places have different rules, times and suggestions in place. 

Several places in Monroe county that have already started their leaf collection efforts include Webster, Hilton and Brockport; with Webster and Brockport residents encouraged to place leaves unbagged on the edge of their lawn, and NOT in the road or gutter. Meanwhile, Irondequoit residents are encouraged to compost leaves and other waste as they offer to pick up brush only. You can drop off leaves there in paper bags starting October 30th. If your lawn isn’t completely covered in a thick layer of leaves, lawn care expert Jessica Demasio, General Manager Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care at says that doing less pick up, is actually more. 

“Try to leave the leaves as much as you can. When it comes to the lawn you want to just continue to mow them and mulch the leaves… the leaves will break up and filter into the lawn and add organic matter into the lawn,” Demasio says.  

Placing leaves in roadways is illegal in some areas and can be hazardous for highway crews, motorists and cyclists, so remember to keep gutters and roads clear to maintain proper drainage and reduce the risk for accidents. 

“…and you have to, you know, call your town or municipality and find out what the rules and regulations are…” says Demasio.

The city of Rochester provides a free loose-leaf collection starting in November as one of three different options. It’s suggested that leaves are raked into loose piles between the sidewalk and the curb before the Monday of each scheduled leaf pickup week. Gates begins un-bagged leaf pickup starting in November as well; weather and volume permitting.

Things like rain and snow can slow down the pick-up process, so getting them collected now while the weather is nice is best for quicker results and a cleaner lawn. For a full detailed list of more towns and village leaf pick up schedules, rules and other fall clean up tips you can head on over to our website for that information.

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