The Monroe County DMV asked the state for more money to keep up with the over 20,000 Real ID applications they’ve received in the past eight months.

The DMV currently receives 12.7 percent of the fee charged for their services, and the rest goes to the state.

Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello said he wants more money from this fee to hire more staff, which would help make the DMV process as quick as possible.

“It’s difficult to continue to hire more staff if we don’t have the revenue coming in to support that,” Bello said.

The DMV has already taken measures to try to make the experience better for people by creating an online reservation system and quick line for customers who are there to do something less time-consuming, such as turn in plates.

They also give rain checks to anyone who comes in to renew or get a Real ID and does not have all the documents they need. This way they do not have to wait in line again when they come back with all the correct documents.

Real ID was introduced a year and a half ago in New York State following the federal government’s requirement for states to implement the same standard of ID.

By October 2020, Real ID will be needed to do things like travel domestically by airplane or go to a military base, federal prison, or federal office building.

People will no longer be able to travel by airplane in the U.S. with a standard drivers license after October 2020.

A passport or enhanced license also counts as a Real ID.

If you’re not up for license renewal yet, you can come in and they will prorate you the un-used portion of your license fee towards your new Real ID.

If you have any further questions, visit and click on the proof wizard. This explains all the different licenses and requirements for them.