If you were driving down 490, through “The Can of Worms,” late Sunday night, you might have seen a car pulled off to the side of road. It wasn’t there because of engine trouble or anything like that; Kelly Brown was giving birth to her third child.
Kelly Brown started feeling contractions on late Sunday night and told her husband, Michael Joseph Iuliucci Jr. she needed to go to the hospital. 
When the couple got there around 10p.m., doctors performed tests, all that came back negative that she was in labor.
“They gave me three options: You can stay for an hour and we’ll check you again, we can keep you overnight or you can go home, this may drag on,” Brown said. “I made the silly decision to go home.”
Brown said after they got home, she tossed and turned. Early Monday morning, just a few hours later, her contractions increased and were very close together. 
“I said we really need to go… like right now,” Brown said.
Brown and Iuliucci rushed back to Highland Hospital from their home in Fairport.
“I said hunny, you are going to have to pull over, I managed to feel him coming down the canal,” Brown said.
At that moment, on 490 inside the couple’s Volvo, Brown went into labor. Brown’s husband became the nurse and midwife.
“I assisted the baby coming out with a little gentle pull, I gently brought it to the chair or seat and we had a baby and trying to deal with what emergency people were trying to tell us,” Iuliucci said.
One of the things emergency personnel told Iuliucci, to tie the umbilical cord. Iuliucci wrapped the baby in his hoodie and waited for the ambulance to arrive. 
Baby Michael weighed in at seven pounds, 10 ounces. 
In a remarkable coincidence, Kelly Brown knew exactly what to do when she knew her son Michael wasn’t going to wait because her sister also gave birth on the side of a highway.