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Mold may become a real problem for those now dealing with flooding.

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Many homes along the lake shore have had flooding problems that could take months to fix, and that will be plenty of time for mold to grow. Mold is a problem folks further inland are dealing with now.

A near record rainfall for the spring caused problems for many, including Peter Waughtel of Gates. Waughtel has lived in his home for nearly 30 years, and had a feeling there was something living in the basement.

“I’ve had problems, but I’ve sort of over the years been more interested in raising the kids, paying off the house,” said Waughtel.

Then there was the March windstorm. After several days without power, and a sump pump that was sitting idol, the problem reared its ugly head.

“My wife saw the mold and said that can’t be good,” said Waughtel. This was all built up from years of moisture.

During a heavy rainstorm, water would collect in the backyard and eventually flow down the back stairs and into the basement. Waughtel had to bail water out of the basement and into the backyard during heavy rain events.

That’s when Waughtel gave Comprehensive Mold Management in Rochester a call. For them, it has been one of many this year. “It’s way off the chart compared to previous years,” said Paul Wagner, manager at CMM.

Wagner says if your house is higher than 45 percent humidity: “Everything in your basement becomes a food source for mold to grow on.”

CMM suggests to keep the area dry with dehumidifiers and fans. Check for discoloration and spotting. If there is a potential for mold, it is important to call a professional. In other words, there is not much that can be done yourself safely.

As far as flooding on the lake shore: “If they’re still bailing water from their house, they might not even see mold growth yet,” said Wagner.

Wagner says he has got appointments until halfway through August and expects more phone calls as the water recedes.

“If these water levels stay as high as they say they are going to stay for the period of time that they say, they’re going to be dealing with mold at some point,” said Wagner.

If mold remediation is needed, at least in New York State, only licensed professionals are allowed by law to do the work. 

For some people molds can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, eye irritation, or in some cases, serious lung infections.

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