April Daniele was devastated when her dog, a Great Dane named Ella, ran away the day after Halloween.
“She got out of our gate. It appeared closed, but it wasn’t quite latched. My dog nosed it open and she went right after him,” Daniele said.
Daniele, who runs an animal rescue group, put up flyers and enlisted the help of the community to get her back, but it wasn’t an easy task.
Daniele had rescued the dog just five days earlier and said because of the situation she was in before, she’s a fearful dog, meaning she wasn’t going to run over to a person if they spotted her on the street.
“A few times, we actually got within 5-6 feet of her, but it was difficult to actually get a hold of her.”
So after days of Ella still not being home, Daniele, along with Perinton Animal Control, set up a trap in a nearby wooded area.
They placed food inside and even set a camera up nearby at one point.
Neighbors also pitched in by alerting Daniele when Ella was spotted. It took time, but finally they caught her.
By then, Daniele said it had been 20 days.
“The vet didn’t think she would have survived a few more days,” Daniele said. 
Ella was checked out by the vet and is healthy.