The devastating March windstorm caused headaches for many homeowners in the area, especially those who experienced extensive roofing damage. 

But experts say there is a solution when it comes to weather woes. 

Jordan Guerrein took a look at the new metal roofing trend in the Rochester area to find out why it’s becoming so popular. 

One of the areas the March windstorm tore through was the Town of Irondequoit, which is where Deborah Hartmann lives with her family. 

But unlike most people in the area, the Hartmann’s lucked out. 

“Nothing happened to our rood,” said Hartmann. “It was all together. We thought for sure that something would have shifted or something.” 

Hartmann claims it’s because of the metal roof she installed on her home prior to the wind storm. A TV ad piqued her interest, but the biggest selling point was the roofs longevity.

“The biggest thing that we’ve seen is an increase in metal roofing because people are experiencing bad things with normal roofing in a very very quick timeframe,” said Frank Calcagno.

Calcagno works for a regional company specializing in custom metal roofing and installation. He says they were overloaded with calls after the March windstorm from people who needed more than just a quick fix. 

“The aesthetics look great, but when it’s proven by testing and then the education is put forth for the homeowner, they make a really good educated decision on investing into a new roof because they don’t ever want to revisit that problem again,” said Calcagno.

Most of the houses in the Rochester area with metal roofs are undetectable. They use the exact same roofing you’re used to seeing, but the metal is places underneath.

Calcagno says the average lifespan of a roof is, at most, 15 years. Metal roofs can last upwards of 50 years. Because of that, metal roofing costs about 65% more than standard roofing. 

“The metal roof is going to succeed past that 12-15 year mark,” said Calcagno. “So that way once you get there, now it’s paying you back. And if you have to sell the house, then great, you’re selling it at a premium.”

As for Hartmann, she’s already endured one major storm and she hopes, with winter upon us, snow won’t be an issue. 

“We’re going to see how it does,” said Hartmann.