McDonald’s self-order kiosks taking a load off of employees

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The future of McDonald’s has come to Rochester. It’s been five months since the roll out of kiosks. Customers can now order and pay for their food on a touchscreen. 

The famous golden arches are often the “go-to” when families are busy. Karen Roberts and her family decided to dine inside the McDonald’s on Spencerport Road in Gates. Roberts tells News 8 she was surprised to order and pay for her food using a kiosk. 

“I have read this is coming and Panera has it although it’s an option,  ” Roberts said. 

Next generation operator Louis Buono owns 11 restaurants. As of last December he’s installed four order points.

“I relate it to when airports put their kiosks in way back when. People still want an experience and you can’t replace that with computers,” Buono said. 

Buono said the process is meant to be more efficient. Customers order, pay and then have a seat. Once their order is ready, their food served to them. 

According to the New York State Department of Labor, employment has gone down 1.3 percent in the fast food industry across the Finger Lakes region. 

Advocate for restaurant workers Mohini Sharma with Metro Justice says technology is not to blame. “In some ways workers are saying this makes their jobs easier more efficient. We get to have the social interaction with customers that they value so much when they come to a restaurant.”

Buono tells News 8 these new kiosks will not replace employees. Matter of fact, he’s hiring. In addition, he says McDonald’s is also looking into putting automated equipment in the grill area.

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