UPDATE: McDonald’s corporate has issued a response to News 8 about the alleged worms found in customers’ drink cups.

Officials say the franchise owner is closely looking into the claims.

In a statement, the franchisee writes, “Serving safe, high-quality food and beverages is my top priority and we have worked with the local Health Department and Police Department to look into this claim. We’re taking this situation very seriously, including action to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.”



LYONS, NY (WROC-TV) — The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and State Health Department are investigating after receiving reports from McDonald’s customers in Lyons that they found worms at the bottom of their drinks.

On March 7, pregnant college student Samantha Giles hit the Lyons McDonald’s drive-through after classes. When she finished her meal, she went to chew the ice from her drink.

“And, at the bottom of it was a big worm,” says Giles. 

She says she called the Lyons McDonald’s, met the manager and filled out an accident report. She later called the State Health Department, she says they came and picked up the worm. “They had it tested, and told me it was an earthworm,” adds Giles. 

But no word on how it got there. Justin Confer wants that question answered himself. He says while grabbing food at the same spot on April 10, his daughter found a worm at the bottom of her cup, too. 

“I didn’t believe her at first. I said ‘you’re kidding me’…I went over and looked and sure enough, there was a worm in the bottom of her drink,” says Confer.  “Our family is just…we’re absolutely disgusted with it.” 

Confer says he reached out to McDonald’s corporate to file a complaint, he says he has yet to get a return call. We also did not hear back. The management at the Lyons McDonald’s told us no comment. 

As for Confer and Giles, they now share a similar sentiment. “Oh man, I think they ruined it for every fast food place for me,” says Giles. “As far as right now, no…we’re sticking to home cooked meals,” says Confer. 

To point out again, it is not certain how the worms ended up in the cups. The State Department Office in Geneva and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office both say the matter is being looked into. The McDonald’s in Lyons is remaining open during the investigation.