ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Mayor Malik Evans introduced a variety of summer programs Friday that are intended to help children who live in the city safely enjoy their summer vacation.

Evans said he wants to create a “safe haven” for children to enjoy their summer without the threat of violence.

Evans said the programs include resources at the library — such as Esports — getting learning certificates, events at the sports complex, paid internships through the Summer of Opportunity Program, and more.

“I want our families to know about the wide wide variety of summer safety health and learning programs the city is offering,” Mayor Evans said. “These programs are critical to giving our parents a sense of relief — our grandparents a sense of relief and assurance that their children can enjoy the extended school recess with caring adults who help them avoid harm while staying mentally engaged and physically active.”

City officials said that pamphlets providing information about summer programs were mailed to local families and that more information about local summer offerings can be found online.