ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — The man who killed two young men in Hamlin before setting their vehicle on fire and burning their bodies has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Mason Earle learned his sentence Thursday morning after he was convicted in April on murder charges for the killings of Alex Burrow and Bruce Kane. Prosecutors said Earle shot both men over a dispute about money that Earle owned to Burrow.

In text messages, investigators found that Earle lured Burrow to a location behind a warehouse on King Street in Hamlin in September of 2018.

The meeting was supposed to be about the money that Earle owed. Instead, prosecutors say Earle opened fire, killing both Burrow and Kane. Prosecutors said Kane had no role in the dispute and was more or less an innocent bystander who had given his friend Burrow a ride to the meeting.

After shooting the men, Earle then set the car on fire, leaving behind a grisly scene. Their bodies were not found until the following morning.

”Virtually everything in that car that could have burned, did in fact burn,”  said Assistant District Attorney Matthew Schwartz. ” The plastic, the fabric, the tires, the glass… and Bruce Kane. Bruce Kane was burned so badly that when first responders arrived at the scene, they saw a skeleton sitting in the driver’s seat.”

Mason Earle stood emotionless when he heard his fate Thursday morning. The Honorable Judge Sam Valleriani gave him the chance to speak before the sentencing. 

“ I do not your honor,” said Mason Earle. 

Family members of Alex burrow and Bruce Kane hugged each other and cried after hearing what they were seeking for the past eight months, the maximum penalty of life in prison without parole. 

“He’ll never see the light of day it just makes it that much easier to deal with,” said Shane Burrow, brother of the victim. 

The courtroom was almost filled to capacity with family members and only the mother of Alex and the father of Bruce spoke in the courtroom.

“Justice has been served in the extent of the law. It doesn’t bring back our boys. That’s the saddest part,” said Mark Kane, Father of Bruce. 

“There was no reason. Just senseless. It’s ridiculous,” said Rebecca Burrow, mother of Alex.  “I already have forgiven mason and like I said his hell is just beginning. It’s sad for his parents. I feel terrible for his parents. They didn’t do anything. I feel awful for his family just as I feel for Bruce’s and ours.”  

The prosecution called his acts pure evil. 

“He still committed what most people will probably describe as the most atrocious of crimes,” said Matthew Schwartz, Assistant District Attorney. 

“ I certainly believe he is evil. Anyone that could rummage through a dead person’s body, I mean that’s just wrong,” said Burrow.  

But the defense still believes Earle is innocent.

“Because I don’t see that kid sitting next to me committing this crime,” said 

“We got a man who destroyed lives and destroyed his own life. We hope that people see this and there be justice in the future if you do crimes like this. Make a better choice. because if not we’re going to hold you accountable,” said Todd Baxter, Sheriff of Monroe County.