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Marine turned Unity nurse honors veterans in the ICU with American flags

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GREECE, NY (WROC) — National Nurses Week is next week. It’s a time to honor nurses for everything they do on a day-to-day basis to help their patients.

Some patients at Unity Hospital in Greece have been getting something a little extra.

“I always wanted to be a marine,” said ICU nurse Dalton Rarick.

Dalton Rarick served in the Marine Corps for four years. Now, he’s a nurse at Unity Hospital in Greece, but what he learned in the service stays with him.

“So, if one marine says to another marine, ‘I’d do anything for you,'” said Rarick, “they really mean it and I don’t know if it’s the same in the civilian world. I don’t know if there’s as much of that connection.”

But recently, American flags have started mysteriously popping up around the ICU- on the doors of patients who are veterans.

“You walk in and you see a flag and nobody knew where it came from,” said Jarrod Atkinson, Director of Nursing.

“I thought he should be close to Lady Liberty,” said Rarick.

Rarick has been honoring his fellow service members- not only for them but also their loved ones.

Rarick said, “A lot of people have bled for it. A lot of people have lost their lives for it. It’s something we hold very near and dear to our hearts and it’s sacred.”

Rarick said in the Marine Corps, you know where you stand- and his patients know Rarick stands behind them.

It seems Rarick’s efforts have made an impact. The director of nursing in the ICU at Unity said he’s pursuing a program to bring in flags for veterans across the entire hospital.

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