Highland Family Medicine Associate Medical Director Mathew Devine offers some tips for dealing with trauma related stress Thursday on News 8 at Sunrise.

Dr. Devine offered his advice in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando, noting the tips can be valuable in any scenerio.  Citing the American Psychology Association, he shared the following:

Talk about it:  Ask for support from people who care about you and will listen to your concerns.

Strive for balance:  When tragedy occurs, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and have a negative or pessimistic outlook.  Balance that with reminders of people and events which are meaningful and comforting.

Turn it off and take a break:  You may want to keep informed, but try to limit the amount of news you take in from television, radio, newspapers, the internet and social media.

Honor your feelings:  Remember that it’s common to have a range of emotions after a traumatic incident.  You may feel exhausted, sore or off balance.

Take care of yourself:  Engage in healthy behaviors to enhance your ability to cope with excessive stress – eat well balanced meals, get plenty of rest and physical activity.

Help others or do something positive:  Locate resources in your community on ways you can help people who have been affected by an incident, or have other needs.

Remember that grief is a long process:  Give yourself time to experience your feelings and to recover.

Dr. Devine added, if you’re having difficulty managing intense reactions to a traumatic situation, a medical clinician or licensed mental health professional, such as a psychologist, can assist you in developing an appropriate strategy for moving forward.

For more information from the APA, click here.