ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A Rochester man says his biological father is a local doctor accused of inseminating a patient with his own sperm.

CJ Lore, a local real estate broker, told News 8 Dr. Morris Wortman is his father. Lore said he’d learned that through an DNA test a few years ago.

Lore described it as “earth-shattering.”

“This is very difficult news, to find out the person you thought your father was, really isn’t your father,” said Lore, “And for me that is the first bit of information – My father, that I thought was my father, really isn’t. And Dr Wortman is my biological father. That’s what hurt me the most, anyway.”

In a recent lawsuit, Wortman is accused of inseminating a patient with his own sperm instead of donor sperm. The lawsuit was filed by a Geneseo woman who alleges she discovered she had several half-siblings through DNA tests.

“There can’t be a way for a kid to be created by a stranger and never know their medical history,” Lore explained, “or who their potential siblings might be, or where they might be, so they don’t end up having an issue.”

When news of the lawsuit broke this week, attorneys for the plaintiff and the defendant in the suit did not immediately return a request for comment.

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