Lyons mobile home park still without power nearly a week later

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Work started, then stopped, days ago...Temperatures are expected to soar this week

LYONS, NY (WROC) — With temperatures expected to soar into the 90s later this week, residents at the Canal Side Mobile Home Park in Lyons still have no power. Many left the park at first to get hotel rooms, but funds are drying up, and some have no choice but to return.

The Lyons Code Enforcer says the owner of the park, Phil Provenzano, has quote “made a commitment” to get the power turned back on at the park. This, after the town shut the power off last week due to safety concerns. Naked, dangling wires are common sites, and power surges were regular occurrences.

Residents say work started, then stopped days ago. Ryan Wood says, “I can dig more than what they did with a shovel in one day.”

Tiffany Tuner adds, “They really ain’t doing nothing other than digging holes and making it look like they’re doing something.”

Shane McCafferty says, “They worked about an hour, took off and haven’t seen them since.”
These homes are all owned, and too old to move off the lot. Residents are already running up costs with money; funds Shane McCafferty says he doesn’t have since the power was sliced last week. 

“I’m about $1,000 in the hole with hotel rooms, I bought a $300 generator, and probably $300 in gas so far,” says McCafferty.

He says the property manager told him the work will be done by the end of the week. He’s not buying it. He has decided to file a lawsuit against park owner Phil Provenzano. 

“It’s unethical for us to be living in a situation like this,” says McCafferty.

He says he’s going to be placing his rent money into an escrow account so Provenzano can’t touch it until the power is put back on. 

Jim Philippone of Philippone Law Offices asks, “Does the landlord even have the funds to do this? (Because) intentionally withholding utilities is a criminal matter.”

Philippone says Canal Side should form a tenant’s association now. Then, withhold the rents to put towards to repairs, akin to what McCafferty is doing. Then, see if the town, or NYSEG, can use that money to get the work done.

“I mean, this is really bad stuff! My guess is, he (Provenzano) does not have sufficient funds to get the job done,” says Philippone.

Until then, McCafferty, and he hopes others, will join him in withholding funds to send a message. For him, there is no other choice.

“What can I say? I mean I have to stay here and tough it out. That’s how it goes,” says McCafferty.

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