LYONS, N.Y. (WROC) — July 18 marks day five without power for people who live in a trailer park in Wayne County, and timing couldn’t be worse. As temperatures rise, there are more safety concerns for the residents.

Many people who reside at the park have left their homes to got to hotels, but because of the expenses, some had no choice but to go home.

The Town of Lyons cited safety concerns when it turned the power off last week. Its code enforcer said the owner of the mobile park has “made a commitment” to get the power turned back on.

Residents say the only progress made was when work started days ago, then stopped.

“They really ain’t doing nothing other than digging holes and making it look like they’re doing something,” said resident Tiffany Tuner.

Tuner isn’t the only resident skeptical of the work (or lack thereof) being done.

“They worked about an hour, took off and haven’t seen them since,” said resident ” Shane McCafferty.

“I’m about $1,000 in the hole with hotel rooms, I bought a $300 generator, and probably $300 in gas so far,” said McCafferty.

These mobile homes are all too old to move off the lot.

At least one person has decided to stop paying rent and file a lawsuit against park owner Phil Provenzano.

Provenzano told us not to call him again for comment.