LYONS, NY (WROC) — The tenants were given two hours notice via text message Thursday that their power in high heat was getting shut off. Their homes, stifling. 

“Ah…(the home) is close to 95 I believe. And it’s been off for not even an hour. My concerns are all the older people in the park and all the kids that have health issues,” says resident Melissa Lehr.

And a fix for the power is out of their hands. “Until the owner decides to fix it. And when I called the owner he hung up on me saying ‘no matter how many times you call, it’s not going to change,’” says Lehr.

“It’s up to Philip Provenzano to fix it, and obviously he’s not doing anything to fix it,” says resident Shane McCafferty.

It could cost the owner thousands of dollars to repair all of the problems. Residents say they have been having power issues for years. Like the frayed and naked power lines running through the park, and the power surges that are a regular occurrence. These safety issues are why the Town of Lyons had to shut the power down. 

“It’ll surge to where everything turns on to super high power, and then go to nothing,” adds resident Katie Breitfeld.

“We’ve been probably having electrical problems in this park since the four years I’ve been here,” says McCafferty.

In a statement, Richard Bogen with the town of Lyons says this decision to have NYSEG cut the power off was not made in haste. In fact, the park management was alerted to these issues for years. With the hot weather, came more electric use from the park, brownouts and power surges. They want the owner to make repairs that are safe for residents. And until that happens…

“We’re probably just going to have to tough it out here, we don’t really have any other choice,” says Breitfeld.

“Provenzano needs to hurry up and fix this park,” adds Lehr.

On Saturday, Provenzano did say he is working diligently to remedy the situation.

The Town of Lyons released this statement:

“Safety concerns with the condition of the park owned electric distribution system prompted Town of Lyons Code Enforcement to request NYSE&G crews disconnect electric service at 7537 Old Lyons Road , Town of Lyons N.Y.  This decision was not made in haste. Mobil Home Park Management has been under a  Notice of Violation / Order to Remedy since 2017, the most recent issued in January 2017.  Warm weather conditions on Wednesday July 10th , quite probably resulted in increased electric use.  Calls were received at NYSE&G customer service and the Lyons Code Office alleging power surges and brown outs.  Power has been disconnected until Park Management makes necessary repairs to the system so that it is safe and adequate for the residents.  On site Park Management was contacted at about noon to notify residents.  Power was disconnected at 4:00 PM”

Richard Bogan, Town of Lyons