There are lots of bells and whistles at the brand new Dick’s House of Sport in Victor.

The golf department is no different.

The Trackman simulator bay includes a Gears 3D Motion Capture system. If you’ve ever seen the body suits worn by actors with the small balls all over to allow for motion capture in special effects… it’s that, but for golf.

“It’s kind of like an MRI for your golf swing,” PGA professional Sean Lalley says. “We’re able to put sensors not only on the player, but also on the club to really get an amazingly accurate picture of what’s going on in the golf swing.”

It only takes one swing for the system to learn a ton of information. Not only is it tracking the body movements of a player, but also how the club is moving. The relative deflection, twist, and droop with the shafts are all part of the program. In turn, that data can show how the face angle might change at impact.

“It’s all about the transfer of energy. So, how we move to transfer that energy is going to be really important to playing good golf. We can see exactly what’s happening, so we’re not guessing. We’re measuring,” Lalley said.

The result is a much clearer sense of what’s going on with the golf swing and the true cause of any issues with ball flight. That allows a teaching pro like Lalley to better do his job.

“We’re (not) going to inundate a player with all the information we have at our disposal,” Lalley says. “We’re trying to pick and choose the right information that’s going to help that person and then communicate it really effectively.”