ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Wegmans is topping the list once again for the 100 best companies to work for. This time it comes in at No. 3.

A local woman spoke to News 8 about her experience working at Wegmans, and how she went from a part time worker to store manager.

Wendy Gallucci is a store manager at the Mt. Read Wegmans, and she says she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. She thanks Wegmans for changing her life.

After working at Wegmans for nearly 30 years, Gallucci says she still loves working there.

“Wegmans impacted me, has impacted me in so many ways. Throughout life I feel like I’ve really grown up here at Wegmans,” said Gallucci.

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She started working part time in college, the perfect job for a student quickly became something more.

“I didn’t get the part job thinking I was going to make a career there here, but I quickly realized that this is somewhere I want to be,” said Gallucci.

Today she has worked at multiple locations, and in corporate offices before coming here to the Mt. Read Wegmans — a journey she calls life changing.

“I feel that it changed me as a young person because back then people that knew me might not have been the most outgoing, outspoken person and now if you were to talk to employees in this store it’s were having fun,” said Gallucci.

Gallucci isn’t surprised that Wegmans made the top 100 list again.

“Wegmans was always there no matter what. And I can’t say that my friends and family would say that about where they’re employed,” said Gallucci.

Wegmans has many opportunities for employees to build their career. Last year they awarded over 1,700 scholarships through their employee scholarship program.