Local vet creates special Veterans Day celebration at nursing home

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Of the 300 or so people living at St. John’s in Rochester, around 50 are veterans.

Robert Lane is one of them.

“I spent 2 years in France, Verdun, and part of the job was getting rid of unexploded ordinance,” Lane said.

Robert Wesley works at the nursing home, but before that he served 22 years as a nurse with the Navy.

While Wesley looks after the well-being of everyone at St. John’s, Thursday was special.

“Today, for me, it’s all about honoring our veterans that are residents here in long-term care, I love to give back to them, make sure they know they’re not forgotten and thank them for their service,” Wesley said.

So, Thursday, Wesley dressed in his blues and made the rounds, visiting all 50 veterans to say hi, and thank you.

He started this last year on Veterans Day when visitation wasn’t allowed.

Lane appreciated the chat, but added that most people in nursing homes, given the pandemic, need more interactions like this.

“You’ve got a lot families that ended up hurting especially now, with the virus floating around, it’s not just the veterans,” Lane said.

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