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Local students, parents react to viral video of Keaton Jones

Jones describes being bullied by his classmates in the video

Rochester, N.Y (WROC_TV) - Mom Lori Wood was visibly emotional watching a video of 11-year-old Keaton Jones Tuesday.

Jones, a middle-schooler from Tennessee, described being bullied by his classmates in the video. It went viral.

Wood said it hits close to home.

"My daughter was bullied last year and she went through the same thing,” Wood said. “They were calling her names, pulling her hair and kicking at her."

Woods daughter Brittnee, a 9th grader now in the Lyons Central School District, watched Keaton’s video too.

"It got worse and worse as the days and the weeks went by. I didn't want to be in school,” she said of her own experience. “I just felt like I didn't belong there and I didn't feel safe."

Brittnee said eventually it did get better. She called News 8 and we aired a story on her story.

She says going public like Keaton did can help.

For Fran Burns, her 11-year-old son Luke never got to see that day.

This fall marked one year since he took his own life. Burns say Luke was bullied at school and if she has any message for Keaton’s bullies, or any others, it’s this:

"Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me; names do, they do hurt and they can kill."

For a link to resources on how to prevent bullying, click here.

For a link to Keaton's full video, click here.

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