A local principle took her hard work international.

Brenda Torres-Santana, the principal at Pinnacle School 35 in the Cobbs Hill District, traveled to the Dominican Republic to help build a school.

She won the free adventure as part of a mission trip.

Torres-Santana left on the January 17 with 55 other American teachers and educators to help turn a one room school house into a six room structure, and came home with fantastic memories.

“It was an awesome experience to be able to work with the people from Constanza Rio Grande to actually participate with the families, we got to do home visits, and we got to walk into peoples home and talk to them and talk to the children and talk to them and the love of the area where they’re living,” said Torres-Santana.

The school is right in the heart of the Dominican Republic and is set to house 120 students and offer them a chance for higher education.