ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As bail reform continues to be a hot topic, there’s still a great deal of confusion surrounding how it actually works.

Tuesday night the United Christian Leadership Ministry in Rochester held an informational session to clear up what exact bail reform is, and how it works.

Since its passage in 2019, the law has has been revised twice, leaving many with questions, especially as Rochester crime rates continue to climb/
An expert on the topic from within the Monroe County Public Defender’s Office says the confusion begins with the spread of misinformation.

“A lot of people hear most of bail reform through political ads,” John Bradley a Special Assistant Public Defender with Monroe County said. “And they are, nearly by definition, not factual. That’s kind of what the organizers here tonight are trying to do, is present a counter narrative that’s actually kind of fact-based, and based on the statistics and data that have actually been gathered.”

Among those on tonight’s panel is Michael Patterson with the Rochester City Council — and Chief David Catholdi with the Brighton police department.