Western NY man living in China seeing coronavirus impact firsthand


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) β€” Ten people in New York have now been tested for the coronavirus. Seven of those came back negative and doctors are still waiting for the other three tests to come back.

The infection started in China and people are being advised not to travel there. There have been more than 100 coronavirus deaths in China.

One Western New York man now lives there. He isn’t sure of the next time he’ll get to go back to the country he now calls home.

Jacob Braymiller is from Buffalo, but he moved to China a year and a half ago to teach English. He lives in a city not too far from where coronavirus broke out.

“The city where I live is about six hours away from where it started in Wuhan, China and there’s a lot of unknowns because, it didn’t come out too quickly what happened, it was almost being hushed up about what was happening so not a lot of people knew about it,” said Braymiller.

Braymiller said since the news is regulated by the government in China it took longer for the word to get out. He also said since it’s Chinese New Year many people are traveling now, allowing more potential for the virus to spread.

Right when the virus started spreading, Braymiller left to go on a previously-planned trip to Bali, Indonesia. He was supposed to go back to China on Monday, but canceled his flight. His girlfriend left China on Tuesday to join him in Bali.

“The city where we live, they were starting to run out of food, starting to run out of medical gear, people can’t even find medical masks, people can’t find the proper cleaning supplies needed so I was worried if I were to go back would I even be able to go outside my own city, would I just be stuck in my apartment and would I have food and the proper effective equipment that I could wear just to avoid the disease entirely?”

Braymiller said the school he works at is closed until February 9. He plans to lay low and see what happens.

“We’re just gonna kinda wait it out and see if anything changes in China so we can go back in and gather all our stuff and if nothing changes in the near future we’ll go back to where we’re from, America, and visit family and friends and see what happens from there,” Braymiller said.

Right now there are 18 countries that have cases of coronavirus. In the U.S. there are four states with cases. There are over 4,400 cases worldwide.

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