ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Crime Stoppers is celebrating after their second annual K9 campaign luncheon brought in their biggest fundraising yet.

Crime Stoppers holds multiple K9 campaigns throughout the year to benefit our 30 local canine teams.

Their most recent luncheon featured a raffle for a guitar from House of guitars signed by Lou Gramm, as well as an appearance from Lou himself!

The event also helped bring in over $31,000, which officials said helps with expenses for the canine’s medical procedures, equipment, or the purchase of new dogs.

MCSO’s K9 unit said while they do get money from the county throughout the year to help with costs, the money that Crime Stoppers is able to provide ensures they can provide more care for the animals need be.

“Our dogs are going in a lot of areas where they can get injured, through the woods,” Monroe County Sheriff’s Office K9 Commander Sgt. Shawn Edwards told News 8. “That helps for the expensive costs of vet bills. Some of our dogs have allergies, and the food can be over $100 a bag.”

MCSO’s K9 unit adds the money also helps with the purchase of new dogs that can cost upwards of $15,000. The dogs then go through a fourteen-week training program before they are certified to go out with officers and deputies.

Crime Stoppers said they hope their future campaigns will be able to keep providing for canine teams.