Opponents of an Erie Canal tree cutting project organized on Sunday to put a stop to the State Canal Corporation’s plan to remove 145 acres of vegetation. 

The rally even got the attention of local leaders. 

Pittsford Town Supervisor, Bill Smith said, “I am inspired by one of the signed I see this morning. There is never only one way to solve a problem.”

According to the Canal Corporation, vegetation is being removed that could potentially weaken embankments to the point of failure but many homeowners question their solution. 

Ginny Maier said, “There hasn’t been one breech yet in the canal that was due to a tree malfunction or failure due to the integrity of the canal.”

Maier hopes the state will reconsider their plans. 

“It’s a beautiful facility that contributes to the quality of life in this community and to the whole state. These trees are a valuable part of what makes this canal a valuable place,” she continued.