A Rochester gallery is changing the way people view art. This month at Community Learning Academy, it’s about the beauty behind the process not the final product. 

Artist of the month, Ray Ray Mitrano said, “It’s about looking at how we can draw for different reasons, other than creating what is in the frame afterwards.”

Through the month of April, Mitrano will be featuring different art games for the public to participate in. 

“I do a lot of social art, and April Fool’s Day is a very social holiday. People are figuring out these humorous interactions with each other and that’s sort of what’s going on in this show,” said Mitrano. 

He says it’s more than just an art show.

“It’s a chance to sort of weave in people’s lives that might not think they’re going to an art gallery and they sort of have an unexpected creative experience,” said Mitrano.

It’s an experience where everyone gets to share a piece of themselves in the exhibit. 

Community Learning Academy is located at 540 W. Main Street in Downtown Rochester. To learn more about the gallery, click here.

To see more of Ray Ray Mitrano’s artwork, click here.