Webster cleaning business seeing spike in calls due to COVID-19 concerns


WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Kara and Tony Galante are getting more inquiries at their cleaning business – substantially more than normal.

“I would say we’re at least 3 or 4 times our usual,” said Kara.

Steam Police, a business specializing in carpet cleaning and janitorial jobs, is receiving more calls as awareness of COVID-19 rises. So much so, that the company is looking to hire part-time workers.

“It’s a big burden on small companies to try and do quite so much,” said Kara.

The uptick in virus awareness also marks a change in clientele for the business.

“Usually those types of calls we get are urgent care centers, day care centers,” said Kara, “but now we’re actually getting offices, corporate companies, school districts.”

The company uses a machine that can spray disinfectant on surfaces in a room within minutes.

“We can do a lot of square footage in a pretty short amount of time,” said Tony.

Kara and Tony say their is about prevention, and keeping germs in line.

“If we can help companies and homes eliminate more of the influenza A, influenza B that we’ve always seen, that leaves health care professionals a little more time and space to combat Coronavirus when it comes here,” said Kara.

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