Local businesses are taking note on following Canada’s decision to push pushing back against the Trump Administration with tariffs on more than 250 U.S. goods.

The new tariffs stack 25% on steel and another 10% on aluminum. 

ROC Brewing has been around for seven years. Since opening, they’ve made some big purchases from fermentation tanks to a canning machine. 

Owner, Chris Spinelli said, since most of his business and products are made of steel, it’s tough business for those starting up. 

“There’s no more used equipment out there. Your mostly buying new. Now you are adding on these new tariffs. New pricing,” said Spinelli. 

Scott Gardner works with local the local union Iron Workers. He said he’s nervous these added tariffs will affect future jobs. 

“Just think if it’s $1 million project and it goes up 15% that’s a lot of money,” said Gardner.

Spinelli said like most businesses he will ride the wave. He just hopes this trade war will end soon so he can continue making vibrant product.