The American College of Physicians released new guidelines for breast cancer screening. It says women should wait until they are 50 years old to start screenings, instead of the previous recommendation of 40. It also says to only get screened every other year.

Dr. Stamatia Destounis, a radiologist at Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, said these new guidelines worry her.

She said the ACP says over-screening can cause more harm than good, referring to the anxiety a woman may feel if she gets called back for a follow-up from a mammogram. Dr. Destounis said she believes the stress that would be caused later by failing to catch cancer in its earlier stages is far worse.

She said potentially 10 thousand women could die from these revisions in the guidelines.

“We’re not saving any money by reducing the screening guidelines that have been working for us for the past several years. We’re actually gonna be spending more money and losing lives and how much is every life worth?” she said.

Dr. Destounis said she is afraid these new guidelines will prevent younger women from starting screenings sooner rather than later, and leave all the women already getting screened yearly more confused about how often to get a mammogram.

She recommends checking out for more information and to stay educated.