Lift bridges in Fairport and Spencerport are deep into construction

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 The Fairport and Spencerport Lift Bridges project continues to move along on schedule. Workers are putting in 6-day work weeks to make sure the project is done in time. New York State Department of Transportation’s Jordan Guerrein told News 8 the workers can continue to work through the cold. 

Much of the work started at the end of 2019. “So far I’ve been pretty impressed. We’re right up front here right where the action is,” said John Pierri, owner of The Landing Bar and Grille.  

Some merchants have reduced hours, but The Landing is still open and any loss in sales may not be from the construction. “I don’t think the bridge has a dramatic impact, right now it’s the weather mostly.” 

Pierri says the collaboration between merchants, the business association, and the Town of Fairport have worked together to keep a “business as usual mentality.  

The second project a few miles west on the Erie Canal in Spencerport looked like it started slow. “Since then,” said John McGrath, owner of J. William Jewelers, “They’ve been going to town!” 

McGrath says people are unable to just fly past the store as they turn along the detour. “We have been affected by parking, but people seem to be parking in different places, and because of that they’re noticing other things in the village.” 

Both projects may have had an impact on aesthetics, but otherwise, the detours are very well signed as well as the open status of all merchants. ” We are not canceling any events, Canal Days, any of our major events, music festivals, Octoberfest, all our events will be held on the dates that they’re scheduled,” said Pierri. 

The workers will work through most weather conditions except pouring rain or heavy snow. If the weather is nice they may even put extra hours in to cover for lost time from the weather. 

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