Lifetime Assistance is celebrating 40 years of helping people of all ages with developmental disabilities live more independent, integrated lives in the greater Rochester community.

Senior Vice President Ernie Haywood and Kevin Head, who has benefited from services provided by Lifetime Assistance, discussed the life changing opportunities offered by the organization Tuesday during News 8 at Sunrise.

“Lifetime Assistance, it means a lot to me,” said Head. “My co-workers, I’ve been working all of these years. That is so great. I want to keep my job at Shredding Scanning Services. It’s very important to me.”

Head also lives at a home in Brockport operated by Lifetime Assistance. “My living with all of the guys, it’s meant a lot to me,” he said. “So I guess I’m very good with them. We have a lot of fun. We’re close friends, and we just have a lot of fun, parties and dances a lot. And my staff is very important to me.”

Giving men like Head opportunities to work and live independently are at the heart of Lifetime Assistance’s mission. “Kevin and his friends came to us with their parents in 2009,” noted Haywood. “Kevin’s dream was to live with his friends that he went to school with, so we all worked together and opened a home for them in Brockport, and they’re able to maintain that friendship and live together – something they dreamed about when they were kids.”

Lifetime Assistance helps roughly 1,500 people every day and over 60 sites across the region. That help is for every stage of life. “Our founding fathers and board members created Lifetime Assistance to mean assistance for a lifetime, from birth to death,” Haywood said.

He added, “We are providing opportunities for people to be more integrated in the community through self directed services.” For the next 40 years, and beyond.

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