LiDestri Food and Drink is using a new joint venture to expand its local presence at Eastman Business Park and create new manufacturing jobs.

Stefani LiDestri, the Co-President and Chief Marketing Officer for LiDestri Food and Drink, discussed the joint venture with Belgian based Crop’s duing our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation Wednesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

“About 10 years ago my brother formed a working relationship with the Belgian company and they’re family owned, much like us,” LiDestri explained. “So we have a lot of synergies, a lot of common values, and over the last couple of years as our company has been looking to further diversify into yet more products that are family friendly we decided to approach Crop’s with the idea of bringing some of what they specialize in, which is frozen fruits and vegetables, and ready-to-eat healthy foods, here to the States.”

Crop’s identified the perfect partner in LiDestri. “The family friendly part, in terms of bringing healthy foods and them seeing that that’s where LiDestri has been going was a big thing for them, as well as the fact that we’re both family owned, so a big family theme going on here,” noted LiDestri. “The thing that really brought it to a close in a positive way was that LiDestri has the infrastructure that they were impressed with in that we continue, as many family companies do, re-investing into the organization. So we have the infrastructure that’s really able to support food safety in today’s world, which you don’t really see everywhere.”

LiDestri’s headquarters are in Fairport. The company also has a manufacturing presence in Greece. The new facility, the first new construction at Eastman Business Park since the 1990s, will also be in Greece. “It will be very close to where we’re at right now with our Lee Road facilities,” LiDestri said. “It will be on Lee Road. We’re going to have about 80 jobs available for people to apply for. Manufacturing related position, of course, in operations are going to be the main focus, and that’s going to begin probably this upcoming Spring, and within the upcoming five years we intend to employ about 120-plus people into that particular facility.”

LiDestri said the company has facilities in New Jersey and California, but chose took keep this new venture close to home. “We’re really excited about this project. We want Rochester to be excited along with us. We want to celebrate it at home and we want to provide jobs right here. We know that there’s still a need for manufacturing facilities and operational jobs right here in Rochester, so in the end we went with our home town!”

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