ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo previewed her 2020 investment plans for services for local children and families during Stronger Families Day. 

Dinolfo’s proposed 2020 budget includes $48.4 million in support for affordable childcare, an increase of $541,000 from 2019. There are also increases for on-demand childcare and early intervention and to fully fund the Child Protective Services Eight Point Plan.

“Any additional funding for child and family services is a good thing in my book,” says Deb Rosen with the Bivona Child Advocacy Center. She says many families in Monroe County can have issues with basic economic stability. While she says the proposal seems good on paper, Rosen adds there needs to be a sustained focus on the welfare of children and families, beyond political terms. 

“It’s not going to get done in two years. It’s not going to get done in five years. It’s going to get done over the course of a generation,” says Rosen. “We really need to see executive leadership demonstrating a vision for a healthier future for Monroe County’s children.”

County Clerk Adam Bello, who is running for County Executive, says Dinolfo’s record on issues for children and families is dismal. He says the County has one of the highest death rates for children in Child Protective Services, children put on waiting lists for programs, amongst other issues. He adds this budget proposal is just more of the same. 

Full statement from Bello

“Cheryl Dinolfo’s record on the issues that matter to children and families is dismal. Today’s budget proposal is just more of the same.

The unfortunate reality is that under Cheryl Dinolfo’s leadership, working mothers have been forced to choose between bringing their children to work, or risk losing their jobs because there are not adequate daycare options.  Monroe County has one of the highest death rates for children in the Child Protective Services system in the state, and children needing critical early intervention services have been put on waiting lists.

Cheryl Dinolfo has had four years to work on these issues, and she has failed our community.  It’s going to take more than empty promises to fix these problems.  It’s time for new ideas, new energy, and new leadership.”

-Adam Bello, Monroe County Clerk

Cheryl Dinolfo is expected to announce her full budget on Thursday.