We caught up with Attorney Fernando Santiago; he’s an attorney who deals with insurance claims.

“I think that’s gonna be a hot topic,” Santiago said Wednesday.

He predicts an uptick in insurance claims related to cancelations and business interruptions.

Theaters are one of the many kinds of business that can fall into the event-cancelation category, Santiago says.

“If you have performers coming into your facility and you spend a lot of time and money advertising in advance then have to cancel the event very often businesses will purchase event-cancellation insurance,” Santiago said.

Many people in New York could also file workers compensation claims.

“They may have claims for negligence to take proper precautions especially of someone got very sick or god forbid deaths occurred,” he said.

We asked, what should all business owners do right now to prepare for legal action if they need to?

“All businesses at this time should gather up and know exactly what their policies are ,and be ready to review them to see if they have coverage for the losses they’re incurring,” Santiago added.