ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As some business owners prepare to reopen on Friday, there’s a lot they need to consider. New York State has released detailed plans for each area of business that’s able to reopen in Phase One. Guidelines include social distancing, masking, and occupancy requirements.

Benjamin Mudrick is a partner at Harter Secrest & Emery. He said it’s better to go above and beyond these guidelines. He said it’s important for business owners to fully understand what’s expected of them before reopening.

“If you don’t feel ready or you don’t feel like you understand that guidance as well as you need to, it’s better to delay than to open up without understanding and making the changes that you need to,” said Mudrick.

He said there’s even more to consider in addition to safety.

“Employee morale, are your employees scared to come to work? Are they going to be able to do their jobs in the workplace or are you going to keep maintaining a flexible workplace?”

Health checks, payroll, and infrastructure are other factors he said to consider. He said it’s key for business owners to listen to their employees during this time.

“You know your business better than anyone else so you know what your vulnerabilities are, you know what your strengths are.”

For business owners concerned about liability issues down the line, Mudrick said this is why it’s so important to follow state guidelines to a tee and beyond. He said if you check all the boxes and show customers and employees you care about safety, there’s a lower chance there’ll be a liability issue in the future.