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Lawmakers renew push for Uber: what’s the holdup?

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“I don’t drive I don’t have a license. I prefer public transportation which isn’t always convenient so sometimes I take taxis which can be exorbitant and aren’t always available,” says Tony Bucciarelli.
Bucciarelli is one of many western New Yorkers pushing for lawmakers to expand ride-sharing to all of New York state. 
He, like many others, can’t understand what’s taken so long. 
“Why is Uber available in New York city? They get all the good stuff, and up here we don’t, so it’s another thing, an inferiority complex with New York city,” said Bucciarelli.
Senator Rich Funke says he gets calls all day long from constituents asking him to push for Uber’s expansion into the rest of the state. 
And he says, unlike many issues, ride-sharing has gotten bipartisan support. So, what’s the hold up?
“We passed our bill in the senate but the assembly wanted a higher insurance premium and it got stuck there so we’re working hard to unstick that so we can have it upstate,” said Funke. 
Funke says there’s a downside to higher insurance premiums.
“For whatever reason the downstate democrats want to quadruple the insurance and that would drive up the cost of being able to access Uber and we don’t think that’s fair. It ought to be similar to what it is in New York city,” said Funke. 

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